*Back to your body* Online Women Workshop 10th of july 2021

I warmly invite you to a self-empowering workshop *Back to your body*. We will explore resources which will allow you to take ownership of your well-being.

Our focus will be on your body and its undiscovered resources ~ how can you let go of your tensions, to fully nourish and be yourself?

I will guide you through exercises like stretching, movement, body awareness, self-inquiry & creative expression. We will also open a space for sharing your experience in the group. 

This workshop will be held in English and on Zoom. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a Yoga mat & a cusion. Everyone is welcome!  

Date: Saturday the 10th of july 2021, 13.00 – 15.00 pm Paris time

Workshop fee: EUR 35,00

Information & Inscription: Cell: +33 782 84 45 28 & anabelbeyer@gmail.com